Demand to Stop the 104 Drill and the Removal Plan of U.S. Marine Corps to丂Camp Fuji


President of the United States of America,丂Commander of Camp Fuji,

Prime Minister of Japan,丂Commander of Takigahara Station,

U.S. soldiers,丂Japanese Self-Defense Officials


 In September 2004 the U.S. Marine Corps is going to have its 6th Okinawa 104 Drill at the Camp Fuji.  And the removal plan of the Marine Corps to the Camp Fuji is reported, which the transformation of the U.S. forces aims丂Japan to become its strongpoint.  We demand to stop the Drill and the plan.

  As for the 104 Drill at the Camp Fuji, in the first one丂(1998) four 155mm-cannons, 550 shells were used; in 2000 eight cannons, 2500 shells; this year 12 cannons.  The drill has been expanded and built up.  After the removal of 104 Drill to the Camp Fuji, the nighttime drill began; the range of the cannon extended; the scale of the drill expanded.  The buses, trailers, airplanes of the private companies are used as the Marine Corps乫 transportation: the move of the Marine Corps is the drill of the private transportation companies. 

  The facilities of the Marine Corps in the Camp Fuji are expanded; in 2004 the removal of the Marine Corps to Higashi-Fuji was reported.  Now, the Marine Corps at Okinawa is committed to Iraq War, to the frontline of the Falluja Attack, killing lots of Iraqi people.  In Korean War and Vietnam War, U.S. soldiers were trained here at Higashi-Fuji and then sent to the battlefield.  In Iraq War the same thing is happening.  The drill of the Marine Corps has been, and is, the drill of the invasion of Asian countries.

  We want Fuji not to be the strongpoint of war but of peace.  We demand to stop the drill and to remove the military base.

  We call you, the self-defense officials and the U.S. soldiers!  Iraq War is a fake.  The reports of the investigation at both U.S. Congress and British Parliament have made it clear.  Dispatching troops to Iraq must be stopped, and the troops must return home immediately.  You do not have to be sent to the battlefield.  You can be united against the dispatch.  Each citizen has rights as a human being.  A soldier is a human being.  Although you are in military uniforms, you are citizens and laborers.  You have the right to unite.  You do not have to follow the unjust orders.  You do not have to throw away your lives for the profit of those who plot wars and make people kill each other.  It is not the war policy but the social policy to overcome poverty and ignorance that is required now.  Do not be deceived by such flowery words as liberation of Iraq or supporting humanity and reconstruction.  Lets walk with us laborers and citizens who are against wars and wish for peace!

  We strongly demand the leaders and the commanders of U.S. and Japan to promote disarmament, to stop the military drill, and to dispatch troops from Iraq.


September 12th , 2004丂乬Dont Shoot Mt. Fuji Executive Committee